How Long Does It REALLY Take For Skin Care Products To Begin Working And Showing Results?

The Skin Replacement Cycle

The outer layer of skin, the epidermis, is the part of your skin you can see and feel. It is made up of skin cells that die and are then washed or brushed off. These lost skin cells are replaced with new ones from the the next layer, the dermis. The rate at which the epidermis replaces itself slows with a person’s age, but for the average middle aged adult, the cycle takes about 28 days.

What Does This Mean?

Many skin care products need to be used consistently for one, or several complete cycles to begin showing results. For example, retinol products typically need two cycles to show their true magic. Even though some products may show visual results immediately, they still might need several cycles to give their maximum benefit. Exfoliating can certainly brighten up your skin immediately, but like your other skin care products, it should be used consistently.

So… Consistency Is The Key!

Moisturizers, serums, cleansers, toners, and all of your different skin creams and moisturizers need to be used consistently over long periods of time to be able to work. The truth is, many skin care products from reputable companies actually work if you use what is best for your skin type, and if you give it time. You should stop using a product if it irritates your skin or you have an allergic reaction.

Also Key: Protect Your Skin From Harm

If you are using anti aging products for example, they will work over time, but you need to eliminate as many of the risk factors as you can. Smoking ages your skin faster than normal, so if you are a smoker, consider the effect on your skin’s wrinkles. The big one that affects everyone is sun exposure. When you start any kind of skin care routine, especially anti aging, you need to always wear sunscreen. Even with consistent use of the best anti aging products, your skin will continue to get worse if you don’t protect it from the sun.

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